Case study

Opening Sales Channels for Health Foods in Japan

The Challenge

Our client was successfully selling supplements in the United States but had perceived the limits of that market and begun to consider expanding globally. Although the client had decided to pursue entry into the Japanese market and was engaged in discussions with a Japanese supplement retailer regarding the export and sale of their products, the inability to formulate a forecast of estimated sales made it difficult to agree on contract terms and conditions and an agreement was in danger of falling through.

Project Outline

•Market research to identify market size, competing products and target customer segment

•Quantification of sales forecasts through test marketing

•Quantification of costs through regulatory investigation

•Sales consulting and contract negotiations based on collection of empirical data

Results and Benefits

Development of a distributor and conclusion of a contract led to the establishment of sales channels into the Japanese market.

Project Steps

Before Expansion

Marketing Team: Survey of consumer preferences in Japan, analysis of competing products, formulation of marketing plan

Legal Team: verification of health food product ingredients, verification and acquisition of licenses and regulations pertaining to selling such products in Japan

During Expansion

Sales Team: Delivery of samples and estimates, negotiations with domestic firms, closing of contracts

Legal team:
•Support for contract negotiations
•Formulation and review of contracts

After Expansion

Sales Team: export of products, initiation of sales

Legal team: Support for contract execution

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