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Service Overview

For foreign companies to do business in Japan, various contracts corresponding to business type and stage must be concluded with Japanese companies.
In the case of developing sales channels into Japan this includes contracts with sales agents and retailers as well as licensing agreements. For products and services this process includes purchasing agreements, lease agreements, commission agreement and consulting contracts. In the case of real estate this process involves purchase agreements, lease agreements and management agreements. In the case of human resources this process includes contracts of employment. For mergers and acquisitions this process includes share transfer agreements, business transfer agreements and investment contracts.
Since contracts with Japanese firms are concluded between parties used to operating according to different laws and business practices, it is necessary to research Japanese laws, negotiate contract conditions in minute detail and ensure that such detailed conditions are accurately reflected in any agreement.
Furthermore, since a contract only really ‘begins’ when it is ‘concluded,’ it is meaningless unless the two parties fully execute the terms and conditions agreed upon.
We have extensive experience assisting with contracts between Japanese and foreign firms for each of the numerous contracts listed above and are able to provide support from negotiation through to execution.

Case study

An American Company Seeking to Provide IT Services in Japan


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Our vision

Despite the ambitious and accelerating global expansion of corporations, divergent national laws, economic tendencies and business practices continue to be important obstacles while doing business in foreign countries. Specializing in both domestic and international business, our lawyers are very familiar with the laws and business practices of Japan as well as other countries; we are always ready to assist you and protect your interests in Japan.

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Tomohiro Ono

Attorney at Law
TOKYO BAR Association

Extensive practical experience providing legal services to the Japanese subsidiaries of foreign corporations and executing cross border transactions, specially advising on legal and business decision making for headquarters.

So Fujii

Attorney at Law
Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

With the mission of providing support for IT services easing international business, I specialized in providing legal services to the Japanese subsidiaries of overseas IT companies.

Senior Associate

Fumitaka Kadowaki
Mami Kimura
Sumiko Yanagida
Motohide Sugenoya
Kazuko Suzuki
Atsuyo Yamaguchi
Midori Ishida
Shunsuke Taoka


Eleazar Martin Peso
Hiroshi Suzuki
Makiko Yamazumi
Takashi Yamamoto
Ryohei Imatomi
Aya Kishida
Manabu Miyamoto
Chuniru Paku
Keiko Tominaga
Kenichi Yoneyama
Miho Kimura
Mayuko Tomita
Keita Okuda
Chiemi Kodama
Ayumi Itaba
Asako Kitamura
Natsumi Masuya

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