Case study

Operating a Real Estate Leasing Services by buying Japanese Real Estates


Although the client was operating a real estate business in the United States, they hoped to diversify against future risk by acquiring yen-based properties and pursuing property leasing in Japan. They were, however, concerned about the differences between procedures for buying and selling in Japan versus the United States, as well as how to handle property management after acquisition.

Project Outline

•Clarification of procedures through collaboration with reliable local real estate agents and lawyers

•Consideration of due diligence and contract conditions prior to purchase

•Support for property management after acquisition through collaboration with local property managers and lawyers

Results and Benefits

•Through due diligence prior to acquisition, properties in need of repair were identified and purchase prices successfully reduced through negotiations

•Although issues developed after purchase with refurbishing companies and tenants, based on directives from lawyers in the United States local property managers were able to respond and resolve the issues

Project Steps

Before Expansion

Marketing Team: development of a business plan for real estate property rentals in Japan

Sales Team: collaboration with local Japanese brokers to identify potential properties

American Legal Team: review of proposed terms when preparing to submit an offer

During Expansion

Management Team: Inspection of properties and submission of offers

Japanese and American Legal Team: Legal due diligence (local laws, Japanese laws), negotiation of repairs and prices

Management Team: Closing of contracts and payment of fees

After Expansion

Sales Team: interior refurbishing and maintenance, property management policy review

American Lawyers: negotiation and review of contracts for property management repairs and maintenance, support for contract execution

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